Shrimp Boats: The Story of a Shipwreck and its Survivors

(Second edition, Sept, 2015)

One of the most fun elements of our hobby has been researching long-lost southeastern restaurant chains. It’s comparatively easy to get a little backstory about a single business, but the story can become much more convoluted and fascinating when we’re digging into the past for little traces of what’s left when something distinctive and fun is trying to vanish. We’ve enjoyed learning about the story of Zesto in Atlanta and Columbia, and really loved tracking down what we found about Kay’s, Kay’s Kastles, and Ice Castle. Continue reading “Shrimp Boats: The Story of a Shipwreck and its Survivors”

Nello’s Pasta Sauce

A couple of months ago, we got an email from a small pasta sauce company based in Raleigh. They suggested that we think about giving their sauce a try sometime, and I said that I’d keep an eye out for it. It took a few weeks before the road took me by a Whole Foods that carried it, but I am glad that it did. I really liked this a lot, and think that we will pick up some more sometime. Continue reading “Nello’s Pasta Sauce”