Peace, Love and Pizza, Marietta GA

Up here in Atlanta’s northwestern suburbs, the psychedelic slices of Peace, Love and Pizza are totally taking over everything, man, which is an amazingly fab and gear thing. Since we last wrote about them on the occasion of visiting their second store in Woodstock, they have opened three new locations in eight months. That is pretty darned impressive.

Store # 3 is east of Woodstock, along GA-92 on the way to Sandy Plains, and store # 4 is in west Cobb, near Burnt Hickory and Kennesaw Due West Road. We haven’t been to those yet, but we stopped by the newest addition to the chain, in the Publix shopping center on Piedmont at the intersection with 120, and totally had our minds blown, man.

We lack the space or the eye to really show off how brilliantly designed the interior of this restaurant is, but it is a complete trip. The theme of this restaurant is Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda’s 1969 film Easy Rider. Wrap your brain around that while the Byrds’ theme song gently plays in the background of the colors of your mind, man. There is a restaurant in the dark center of thoroughly square Cobb County that celebrates Easy Rider. There are framed color photos from the movie, and some awesome table decorations that list and celebrate the film’s players, and a freaky representation of Fonda’s “Captain America,” riding a giant motorcycle with a pizza tire.

Once upon a time, I playfully teased this restaurant for the no-frills decor of the original and the owner got really grouchy and didn’t find it playful at all. Well, jiminy freaking cricket if they haven’t made me shut my mouth with the folk art sensory overload of this place. I mean, the Woodstock store was beautiful and sweet and lovely enough to excuse the earlier foibles of a startup with no design budget, but this restaurant is a glorious eyepopper, and one of the hands-down neatest places in the Atlanta area. And you know what it was a decade ago? This space was a bank. A Washington Mutual, and later a Chase branch, and now it’s glorifying two hippies on motorcycles smuggling cocaine to Phil Spector. Subversion like that, somebody needs to give Dave and Rich DeSantis the keys to the city.

Oh, and the pizza’s pretty darn good too. The cashiers were a little lost trying to find the prices for personal pies, but the three year-old only likes meatballs on his pie, so we just split a half-meatball, half-vegetarian 14-inch and let the interior design blow our minds.

You can see all the restaurants that we have visited for our blog on this map, with links back to the original blog posts. It’s a terrific resource for anybody planning a road trip through the southeast!