Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand, Atlanta GA

Well, here’s a restaurant that’s been a long time coming. Ages ago, we had a single meal at the original location of Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand – here’s the story – and had planned to return, but we’re just never out that way. The friends who lived nearby up and moved, limiting the opportunities to bring big, delicious, messy sausages on hoagies back to their place.

Delia Champion and Molly Gunn hinted about opening new locations for their concept in late 2012, but what with contracts and city hall and everything, the long-awaited Marietta Street store did not open until July of this year. It’s in a terrific building. The parking is still an issue – the lot is very, very small – but they have ample seating thanks to a great design concept. The second floor of the structure, at the intersection of Marietta Street and Northside, is a repurposed shipping container!

Despite the success of the original store, among locals and hobbyists and loudmouths like me, it seems that the owners still have a lot of work to do in informing the public what a chicken sausage actually is! Would you believe that from the time I joined the line until I left, I heard the fellow at the counter explain that it is simply a link sausage made from all-natural, hormone-free chicken to five curious new customers? Three of them then replied “So it’s… like… a hot dog?” Well, yes, but so much better than that, too.

My only previous experience with one of Delia’s chicken sausages had been the excellent, spicy and incredibly sloppy Hot Mess, but on this visit, I had actually brought an awkwardly oversized library book to read and did not want to risk getting cheese and chili all over the pages, so I resolved to sample something potentially a little cleaner. I ordered the Shredder, which comes with coleslaw, sweet pepper mustard, and the wonderful “comeback” sauce.

With potato wedges and a drink, lunch was just under nine bucks, and very well spent. I left completely stuffed and very satisfied. Delia’s is very popular – one might say infamous – for the cake shakes, in which a rotating selection of cupcakes are jammed into a blender with ice cream and milk. Frankly, the sausages are so filling that I’m amazed that anybody has room for one.

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