Chapter 1000: The Butcher The Baker, Marietta GA

Today marks a big milestone for our blog. It is our 1000th chapter! We’ve been sharing between fifteen and twenty posts a month with you good people since February 2010. We’ve picked up a few hundred subscribers, along with a pretty nice bunch of followers on Twitter and also, when it feels like actually sharing what we post, on Facebook, and we’re very glad that you’re enjoying our stories. We seem to have a pretty good presence on Urbanspoon’s leaderboards in quite a few cities, and we’ve got to visit lots of places we’ve never been before. We have so much more exploring to do, and some neat ideas for new trips through the rest of the year. Thanks so much for reading us, and telling your friends about us. (What? You’ve not told your friends yet? Well, we’re sure you’ll get around to that soon.)

To celebrate our thousandth chapter, I asked Marie to pick from two places. One would be for Chapter 1000 and one would be held aside a few weeks as our 600th Atlanta restaurant. We broke into the piggy bank and headed for the Marietta Square one Friday last month. The Butcher The Baker has been open for a little over a year. It is owned by Micah and Katie Pfister, and they source all of their ingredients locally, with almost all of the vegetables purchased from vendors at the Marietta Square Farmers Market. The Pfisters met in Colorado and relocated to Atlanta a few years back, working together at Empire State South and Bacchanalia before opening their own place.

We started with a cheese plate, 2/3 of which we enjoyed a great deal. It included an Elberton Blue cheese from Nature’s Harmony Farms, and a cow’s milk, Greenhill, from Thomasville’s Sweet Grass Dairy, which we both liked a lot. The third was a Garrett’s Ferry sheep’s cheese from Manyfold Farms, which was remarkably sharp. Neither of us honestly liked it, but we were also fascinated by its complexity, so we kept taking nibbles just to experience it anew and feel/taste how peculiar it was, so it can’t be called a total failure!

For our main courses (“Belly Up” on the constantly-changing menu, and mostly priced between $20-30 apiece), Marie ordered the Brasstown strip steak over a leek puree, with smashed potatoes and wax beans. I had been craving trout since my boss came back from Asheville, where she visited Tupelo Honey Cafe, and was happy to find it on the menu here. The trout is from Bramlett farms, and was served with cauliflower, eggplant, and an amazing spring onion risotto. We were each very pleased with our meals, but as nice as the meats were, the vegetables were the standouts for me. I would have happily eaten a plate full of that risotto with eggplant.

We finished up with a very fun little dessert. Katie Pfister is the “baker” in the restaurant’s name (and Micah, of course, is the “butcher”), and she usually has between four and six sweet treats on each evening’s menu. This time out, it was a little glass jar with a blackberry balsamic sorbet and a plum sorbet along with a tall shortbread cookie.

I thought that the experience was very good, and Marie was happier than I was (that’s always a good thing). We stepped outside to find the Square quite transformed from when we arrived shortly after five. Some Fridays, they have outdoor concerts here, and the entire street in front of The Butcher The Baker, Willie Rae’s, and Sarah Jean’s is blocked off for people to set up picnic tables and lawn chairs in the street, kind of like a little mini-Chastain. It’s always nice to see people supporting local restaurants and shops, and this place – quite packed when we left – clearly has a lot of local support.

So that’s a thousand chapters! We’ve actually got three more little “ends in a double zero” anniversaries to hawk and celebrate over the next three months – any excuse for a celebration! – but this one is particularly special. We certainly have enjoyed sharing our tales with you good readers. Thanks for reading us, and we hope that the next thousand are pretty entertaining as well.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 1000: The Butcher The Baker, Marietta GA

  1. Congratulations on your milestone! And kudos to you for bringing us the best in good eating near and in Atlanta and other parts of the USA! Your blog is terrific, so keep on eating and letting us know what’s good/what’s not. Best wishes for lots more good stuff to come.

  2. One of the highlights for me was the craft cocktail on the menu devoted to & named after our old high school chum & deceased Atlanta restaurateur RIA PELL. The Remembering Ria is a must have for anyone who loves Atlanta (Smyrna), Punk rock, or Ria…
    I think the barkeep cut her teeth with Ria in some form or fashion.

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