Hot Wok, Marietta GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about Hot Wok, a mostly take-out place in rural northwest Cobb County. Now, Grant has never been a take-out Chinese food sort of person, but I am. As a result, if it weren’t for me, the teenager would not get one of her favorite dishes, sweet and sour chicken, more than once a decade or so. Since Grant had absconded for the weekend to make one of his periodic great barbecue tours, the kids and I were on our own and we indulged in comfort food. The place has only a handful of tables, so it seemed best not to risk testing the toddler’s patience with a dine-in meal.

I picked the place primarily because the menu had much of the traditional Americanized takeout fare under a separate banner (granted, it was appallingly though understandably called “traditional Chinese”) with a good bit of the rest of the menu devoted to Thai dishes, a fairly newfound pleasure for me. I got some pork fried rice for the toddler, the teenager got her sticky red chicken, and I tried out the Thai Garlic Eggplant.

We got an absolutely huge bucket of food, excellent value for the money. There was easily enough for two work lunches from what was left over of my dish and the fried rice, plus a fried rice snack for the boy, and some left over for Grant. Our food came in quart sized containers! Even after enduring a twenty-minute drive back home, the sweet & sour chicken came out of the box crisp, and got an ecstatic “OMG THIS IS SOOO GOOOD!” from the teenager. I had a similarly positive reaction to my selection. There were a variety of vegetables, the eggplant and chicken were tender, and the sauce was just at the spice level I like. I will definitely indulge my takeout urge here again, and explore some of the other menu items, especially now that I know the veggies are so good. I checked back on the web site and found that it elaborates on that – they expressed pride in getting fresh deliveries. Yum.

The name on the building is Hot Wok Oriental Cuisine, the menus say Hot Wok Asian Cuisine, and the web just has them as Hot Wok. They have been in business a decade, and it was pretty busy on my visit. I anticipate they will they continue to be successful, as the food is good and the service very friendly. This is comfort food, not haute cuisine, but it tastes fresh and gives the impression that it is made with care and attention.

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  1. Oh Thai garlic eggplant sounds RIGHT up my alley, especially right now since I have a cold. Pics are lovely too!

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