Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que, Pigeon Forge TN

I looked for a place to try some barbecue in this tourist trap town more out of a sense of obligation than optimism, but this big barn of a restaurant proved to be a pleasant surprise. Continue reading “Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que, Pigeon Forge TN”

Frussies Deli & Bakery, Knoxville TN

When we were in town last year for a food tour, we agreed that the highlight was an amazing sandwich shop catty-cornered across from the Bijou Theater. I decided then that our next trip to the city, we were stopping here before we did anything else. Continue reading “Frussies Deli & Bakery, Knoxville TN”

Our Favorite East Tennessee Barbecue (So Far)

Happy blogaversary to us! Today, Marie, Let’s Eat! turns seven years old, and I decided to celebrate by giving a little love to the barbecue in this part of the state, since my pleasure has been somewhat moderated in the last seven months of writing. Continue reading “Our Favorite East Tennessee Barbecue (So Far)”

East TN Tours, Knoxville TN

Earlier this month, with the Vols out of town and squeaking out a win against the Dawgs on a last-minute Hail Mary – belated vengeance for our lovely Hobnail Boot pass in 2001, I suppose – we visited their city to walk around the terrific Gay Street corridor with East TN Tours to sample five of the neatest downtown restaurants. Continue reading “East TN Tours, Knoxville TN”

Dead End BBQ, Knoxville TN

I’ve read many reports that this two-store chain serves up some of the best barbecue around Knox County, and have had it on my to-do list for years. With a last-minute change of plans affecting our trip, we pulled into their original location to see what the fuss was about. Continue reading “Dead End BBQ, Knoxville TN”