Huey’s and Muddy’s, Memphis TN

(Marie takes the wheel for this story about two places we visited on our first evening in town.)

Every year or so we take a trip to Memphis to visit family and eat good food. Sometimes in that order. In Grant’s case, it’s all about the full-day barbecue tour; the teen is all about visiting the cute boutiques where she will blow her clothing allowance on something she knows she won’t wear but loves anyway. The little guy has crowned a new favorite playground on his list (he still doesn’t understand travel times very well and asked to go back twice after we returned home!). This time, we were there to see my sister graduate from art school. Usually, Memphis does its best to make sure we remember that Shel Silverstein poem about being so hot we need to take our skin off and sit around in our bones. This time it did the reverse. It was in the very low 60s for the outside graduation ceremony, and I had to put on a t-shirt over my nice outfit!

Anyway, since I also like things that are not barbecue, I consulted with my sister about the neat places around where she lives, and the five of us wound up spending our first night in town having dinner at Huey’s midtown location, and dessert afterward at Muddy’s Bake Shop because I’m all about the sweets.

Huey’s is a neat burger and bar joint that has been around since the ’70s. I’m not sure when the midtown one opened, but it’s been around at least since 1975, and they used to have a sister restaurant called Louie’s. Generally, when I’m in a place that has a food item named after the place, I will take it, but since my sister was getting that I picked something else because I wanted some avocado. We got the onion rings, which come in a small (4 rings) or a large (about 8) – honestly, if you can eat more than two of these hand-sized things, you have a bigger appetite than most. Order anyway, or come with someone to share them with – they’re great!

The burgers are good, juicy and thick, and we enjoyed them while amusing ourselves chatting and watching the little guy get all excited over the sandwich toothpicks stuck in the ceiling tiles. He’d have tried to sink one in himself if we’d let him. Huey’s has a regular charity event where people try to guess how many picks are up there are and they send the proceeds to places like the Memphis Zoo. They’ve also got a serious case of graffiti; every surface on the walls that isn’t covered in photos and art has writing on top of other writing. They’ve even put up three white board style sections. Sadly, all were above occupied tables so we could not take photos.

Muddy’s opened February 29, 2008, in time for the cupcake craze (and the Great Recession, so I’m glad they made it). It’s named after the owners’ grandmother, and they even have a portrait of her up in the store! Their baked goods definitely hit the spot, though the girlchild hit the jackpot with her choice of grasshopper cake. Everyone else at the table was jealous, except Mr. I Don’t Eat Green Things 5-year-old. But we were all very happy indeed with our selections, and my mouth is sad that this is so far away. They have a lovely little deck area which is perfect for relaxing and chatting, and the lawn next to it is perfect for small people to run around without bumping into anyone. However, make sure if you come with a group that you carpool. Parking is very limited.

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