Nick’s Deli, Hixson TN

Marie mentioned that she was in the mood for a salami sandwich, so we went to a place that boasts three or four different types of salami. Then, in her whimsical way, she went and ordered something else instead.

We’ve driven past Nick’s Deli on Hixson Pike many times before, but finally went over there with the intent of getting some lunch one Saturday in February. Nick Soufraji opened this place in 2002, hoping to duplicate the charm and feeling of the delis in New York. It was once a little more of a grocery store or market than just a sandwich shop, but these days the shelves just have potato chips and drinks. There’s a lot of table space, too, so there’s room to kick back and enjoy a good sandwich.

They use Boar’s Head brand meats here, and Marie thought about things for a minute, and looked over the menu. I was pretty sure she was going to order salami, because that’s one of the things they’re known for – their Reuben, which many consider the best in town, is the other – but she ordered a roast beef sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo.

I frequently order Italian sandwiches when I’m at a deli, but I liked the sound of the Cajun turkey. It comes with Provolone and pepperjack cheeses and a spicy relish on a grilled, house-made bread, similar to what’s normally used for a Muffaletta. This was excellent, and I was so happy with my choice. It really was spicy, although not too painful. I intend to order a few more of these before long.

Our son, well, he’s good with a simple ham and cheese. Then we confounded him by having him choose between five kinds of ham. We settled on Boar’s Head’s “Black Forest” variety and he was quite pleased.

The restaurant is located at one end of an aging strip mall, also home to a thrift store full of surprisingly good treasures. Parking’s a little cramped at the best of times, and bound to be a headache during the lunch rush, but it’s worth the aggravation. Definitely one of the best sandwich shops in a city full of good ones.

Nick’s Deli
5149 Hixson Pike
Hixson, TN 37343

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