Fat Boy’s Roadside Eats, Chattanooga TN

After a glorious and almost hot Saturday, we spent the next day at lunch shivering a little under jackets with our backs to the sun. We had a little picnic at this cute trailer on a winding residential street and enjoyed a fabulous appetizer as a side.

Last month, we took a day trip to Knoxville that we’ll tell you about across a few stories soon, and the plan had been to visit two barbecue places. We got really, really delayed on the visit, however, and only squeezed one of them in, so I was being petulant and grouchy that night with my plans foiled. After all, it’s darn difficult to find any barbecue on a Sunday in Chattanooga, unless you’re willing to visit one of the mall chains. I’ve actually thought that might make an interesting story. There are three of them, big barbecue barns, all walking distance from each other around Hamilton Place Mall. Then I decided against spending the money on something that I knew I wouldn’t enjoy very much.

But after a few minutes pouting, I suddenly remembered a place that’s better known for burgers than barbecue and is open on Sunday afternoons rather than on Saturday. Fat Boy’s Roadside Eats isn’t far from our house at all, and in fact is just a couple of minutes’ detour from our usual route to the grocery store. After we finished watching our usual Sunday morning movie together, we went out for lunch.

Most people get carry-out from Fat Boy’s, but they do have a few picnic tables in front of and behind the trailer. We’d spent the previous day with the windows down, enjoying 80-something degree weather. A cold front came through overnight and dropped the temperature a little more than Marie was comfortable with. Fortunately she had a baked potato to enjoy. She really loves these with barbecue.

I thought the barbecue was pretty good. It has the same very mild taste as most of the stuff around town. It’s kind of dry, and not really smoky. It needs some sauce, and they’ve got the region’s standard sticky-sweet brown stuff. About average, not in any way bad, but not screaming for another visit, either.

On the other hand, there are these pickles. Now, I had a bite of my son’s burger, and even though he drowned the poor thing in enough ketchup to fill a pump station at a fast food restaurant, it tasted like there might have been a good burger under there someplace. If we make another visit, I’d like to try a burger, and if so, I will definitely get an order of these fried pickles. Man alive, they do these right. Ask for a little cup of the fry sauce with them. This sauce goes with the pickles even better than the ranch.

After thinking about it, even though I wasn’t wild about the barbecue, I’m still curious about the burgers. I thought the service was great, I liked the almost hidden away location, and I’ve made myself crave those blasted pickles by writing about them. I think we’ll probably head that way again on a nice Sunday afternoon before too long.

Fat Boy’s Roadside Eats
8106 Standifer Gap Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37421

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