Photo Post 24: Wayne-o-Rama, Chattanooga TN

Artist Wayne Wright has a small but delightful space in Chattanooga’s Southside Historic District. Through September, you can tour this quirky and beautiful gallery of offbeat sculptures and maybe catch a live show.

My son and I saw some of these sculptures and puppets last year in the MainX24 parade, but it never really clicked what they were for. It turns out that Wright, who grew up here, created these to celebrate people from Chattanooga’s history. You can see them in a space on Rossville. It’s free to the public, with a small donation requested.

One big thing that you can’t see in my pics is the actual centerpiece of the gallery: a gigantic “Lookout Mountain” with a hand-cranked Incline railway and a delivery truck driving up and down the mountain road. You’re sure to spend a couple of minutes walking around this beautiful piece looking at all the fun details with a big smile.

Wayne-o-Rama is on exhibit through September. The space is a simple walk away from several popular restaurants, so why not get a little exercise after a good meal and enjoy a little art and a little history?

1800 Rossville Ave #108
Chattanooga, TN 37408

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2 thoughts on “Photo Post 24: Wayne-o-Rama, Chattanooga TN

  1. We’re heading back to Chattanooga for a weekend at the end of the month and I was clicking through your tag to see where we might eat (easy to daydream about future trips in the midst of our Irma tropical storm…). I’m glad I saw this post because I totally wanted to see Wayne-O-Rama, forgot about it, then saw it hear and realized we’ll be there for the last day. Looks so amazing!

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