Charlie Joseph’s, LaGrange GA

In Alabama, specifically in Birmingham, there is of course a long tradition of hot dog joints started in the early 20th Century by Greek immigrants, and often today run by their descendants. The Southern Foodways Alliance made a fun little thirteen-minute documentary called Hot Dog-opolis that you can watch on Vimeo about this small addition to the overall culture of food in the southeast.

But it wasn’t only Greeks who came to the southeast and started selling dogs. Charlie Joseph Maloof immigrated to the US from Lebanon in the late 1900s, and, in 1920, opened a wonderful little place on Bull Street in LaGrange. To put that into perspective, the oldest existing restaurant in Atlanta is Atkins Park Tavern, which opened two years later. LaGrange is a small city of 25,000 in central Georgia about an hour away each from Montgomery, Columbus, and Atlanta. 92 years later, his restaurant is owned by Joey Keeth. Maloof was his uncle’s grandfather. How could you not love a place that has stayed in family hands for almost a century?

This is really a good place to visit to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy conversations with the locals. They use Ziegler’s beef and pork franks here, as do many Alabama restaurants. They’re enhanced significantly by the very good homemade toppings. I had one slaw dog and one chili, each with ketchup, mustard and onions, and they were both really tasty.

The interior, which was photographed much, much better by Chopped Onion on his visit – see the link below – is a kaleidoscope of old bric-a-brac and Coca-Cola advertising. It was, of course, Chopped Onion that brought this wonderful place to my attention, as has been the case with several other old restaurants, and it did not disappoint. I like the way the interior is laid out. There are outside ordering windows, and inside seating at a large counter that wraps around the prep area, and a handful of small tables against the walls. I really don’t imagine that the tables get much play except as overflow during the busy lunchtime crunch during the week. This is definitely a joint to find space at the counter and enjoy the history and the news and speak with the friendly and good-natured staff. It’s an absolutely great little place full of history and warmth, and certainly worth the detour for anybody traveling the I-85 corridor.

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5 thoughts on “Charlie Joseph’s, LaGrange GA

    1. I’m always pleased to send links y’all’s way, but never pleased to hear bad news like this! That’s absolutely rotten, and I hope they get business picked up quickly.

      1. Thanks Marie we are 93 years old at Charlie Joseph’s Restaurant we have changed owners 3 times. We are into the 5th generation.The longest running restaurant in our town and the first.We are the 3rd oldest HotDoggery in the nation.Nathan’s – New York New Way-Macon 1916 Charlie Joseph’s – Lagrange Ga. 1920.Thanks come and see us.

    2. Hi Grant i am Joey Keeth and am from LaGrange and I own Charlie Joseph’s restaurant on the West Point Rd. and my Son Steven Keeth owns the location on Bull St. in LaGrange and we will be around for our 100th birthday in 7 years.Thanks come and see us. Thanks.

      1. Thanks for writing, Joey. I’m not sure when the road’ll take us back your direction again, but EVERYBODY ELSE READING THIS needs to go see y’all. I love success stories with as much history as y’all have. Plus, the hot dogs are mighty good, too!

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