Schroeder’s New Deli, Rome GA

Back in February, our friend David sent along notice of an interesting restaurant in Rome. The local paper did a story about how Schroeder’s New Deli was celebrating its 35th birthday with a month of rollback prices and specials. I had been wanting to go to Rome to visit the Partridge for ages, but would really prefer to make an out-of-town trip to visit at least two restaurants. Well, here was the second.

Marie and I were a few weeks late for the anniversary festivities, but after an hour or so walking around the town, we moseyed back to Schroeder’s, which we’d passed on the way. This place is awesome. Had I gone to Berry or Shorter, I would have been here all the blessed time. Every college town needs a great sandwich shop like this place!

Perhaps you’ll recall from our story in April how our friend Helen told us that she spent all her undergraduate time in Huntsville AL eating great big sandwiches at Stanlieo’s? The same thing would have happened to me here, and, as overweight as I am today, I’d be in a real mess if I had spent four years eating Hoagie Carmichaels. And I would have done so, because this sandwich is fantastic.

It’s ham and salami and cheeses underneath some lettuce – sprouts are available instead – and a simply delicious dressing of oils, vinegar, and seasonings on crunchy French bread. It may not look like very much, but it was completely delicious. They have several veggie sandwiches on the menu, more than most sandwich shops will have, and, conscious about my calories as more was to come, I was strongly considering one of them, but since everybody talks about the Hoagie Carmichael, I wanted to try that. Good choice.

Schroeder’s is an incredibly lovable and very popular little dump. It was absolutely packed when we arrived about 12.45 and we got the last available table. The lights are low, and it’s a little noisy, but it’s a terrific place to visit with friends. When the weather’s warm, they open a courtyard patio out back and will often have live music. Whatever my daughter, who is considering her college options, ends up doing with her life, I hope that she ends up in a town with a place like this.

We were more than two hours in our parking space, but we got back to the car before we were ticketed and started the drive back. As mentioned in the previous chapter, Rome has a surprisingly great little downtown strip. It needs a record store and a comic shop – there was a pretty good one for many years, but the owner passed away – but it’s still worth a visit and our readers should check it out sometime.

You can see all the restaurants that we have visited for our blog on this map, with links back to the original blog posts. It’s a terrific resource for anybody planning a road trip through the southeast!

3 thoughts on “Schroeder’s New Deli, Rome GA

  1. Rome is a great college town – they take care of the students at Berry, Rome and Georgia Highlands with some restaurant in town offering a “deal” most days. You need to go back and eat at Duff’s and Jefferson’s on another day trip.

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