Reese’s Bar-B-Q, Memphis TN

For our full day in town, I picked a pair of new-to-us barbecue places to sample. After a very busy afternoon, I was really ready to dig into the first of them. Continue reading “Reese’s Bar-B-Q, Memphis TN”

Scott’s-Parker Bar-B-Q, Lexington TN

In March, we drove to Memphis for a three-day visit. On the way out there, we detoured to have lunch at one of the most celebrated barbecue restaurants in Tennessee, and it really lived up to the hype. Continue reading “Scott’s-Parker Bar-B-Q, Lexington TN”

Hwy 58 BBQ, Ooltewah TN (take two)

Shortly after moving to Chattanooga last summer, I put together a to-do list of restaurants we’d visited in the past that I’d like to come back and sample again for a “take two” recap. When this joint came up in rotation, I double-checked it in Google and found it had been closed by a fire! Continue reading “Hwy 58 BBQ, Ooltewah TN (take two)”

Fat Boy’s Roadside Eats, Chattanooga TN

After a glorious and almost hot Saturday, we spent the next day at lunch shivering a little under jackets with our backs to the sun. We had a little picnic at this cute trailer on a winding residential street and enjoyed a fabulous appetizer as a side. Continue reading “Fat Boy’s Roadside Eats, Chattanooga TN”