Choo-Choo Bar-B-Que, Chattanooga TN

I visited three locations of this quasi-chain that has several independently owned stores in the region. Amusingly, each store’s cashier, when pressed, proudly claimed that their restaurant was the best. Continue reading “Choo-Choo Bar-B-Que, Chattanooga TN”

Moe’s Original Bar-B-Que, Chattanooga TN

We had visited this chain’s Atlanta location some years ago and left pleasantly surprised. We were downtown on Easter Sunday and wanted to visit one of the places that were within walking distance and gave it a try. Continue reading “Moe’s Original Bar-B-Que, Chattanooga TN”

Big Jeff Barbeque, Chattanooga TN

Possibly the barbecue place in Hamilton County that’s most easy to miss is the one that doesn’t have any kind of sign, just a name printed on the door. But this restaurant is worth a visit; it’s a little better than this area’s average and has some of the sweetest and nicest employees of any place I’ve tried in town. Continue reading “Big Jeff Barbeque, Chattanooga TN”

Papa KayJoe’s BBQ, Centerville TN

For the last meal on our trip to and from Memphis, we stopped at a restaurant near the middle of the state, not too far from the Nashville metro area. We were both incredibly impressed with our meal here, and I even figure it was better than the new places we’d sampled in Memphis the day before. Not bad at all for a place that isn’t knee-deep in praise like the joints we had most looked forward to visiting. Continue reading “Papa KayJoe’s BBQ, Centerville TN”