Toomer’s Drugs, Auburn AL

In the previous chapter, I mentioned that a long-term goal for us doing this blog is to visit each of the twelve SEC cities, and write up one restaurant from each town. We accomplished this in Auburn on Saturday when we visited Toomer’s Drugs, one of the oldest soda fountains in the southeast. It was opened in 1896 across from what was then called the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama, which is why Bear Bryant typically referred to Bama’s instate rival as “that cow college.” He was probably just jealous that he couldn’t get a lemonade this good in Tuscaloosa. Continue reading “Toomer’s Drugs, Auburn AL”


Mrs. Story’s Dairy Bar, Opelika AL

I don’t know whether we’ll ever manage it, but I had it in mind, a month or so ago, that Marie and I might could visit all of the SEC schools and feature at least one restaurant from each in this blog. On the one hand, we’re in Athens, Knoxville and Nashville kind of regularly anyway, but on the other, that would mean a trip to the benighted Gainesville, Florida. Auburn, however, seemed like a decent test of the waters, since it’s only about an hour west of Columbus. Plus, I have a very reliable guide to the town in the form of my friend Cheryl. Continue reading “Mrs. Story’s Dairy Bar, Opelika AL”