4 Way Lunch, Cartersville GA

The week before we moved into our new place in Chattanooga, Marie had to go to Nashville for a week’s training and the girlchild was away with family. So my son and I had a few days to get into trouble, and also shuttle some carloads of boxes to the public storage unit down the street from our new place. Going back and forth and back and forth, it occurred to me that my son would certainly enjoy a few hours at Tellus Science Museum just north of Cartersville, and this would finally give me a chance to try a burger at a classic greasy spoon nearby. Continue reading “4 Way Lunch, Cartersville GA”


Adams Bar-B-Q, Cartersville GA

I confess that doing this as long as I have, some names and dates and towns get all confused and I miss some places and misidentify others. Once upon a time, I misheard some information and was not aware this restaurant was still in business. We passed it on our way to Rome and I decided that we’d swing by and see about a midday snack on our way home. Continue reading “Adams Bar-B-Q, Cartersville GA”