Casa Vieja, Doraville GA

Sometime back in the summer, Marie and I were invited to a meetup at this unassuming little Colombian restaurant called Casa Vieja over in Doraville, but we were not able to attend. Some months went by and Emily, who writes Spatialdrift, went here for lunch with some co-workers, and once I read her review (linked below), I just about punched myself in the face for missing out on a meal here. This place looked good. We resolved to get over here before the month ended. Our friend Helen seemed keen to give it a try as well, so one Saturday night, while the Bulldogs held off an unbelievable threat from a powerful and hungry LSU in what was a thrilling, nailbiting, and very distracting game – let’s hear it for smartphones and very patient and understanding friends – and while the girlchild rampaged with friends back in Smyrna at Anime Weekend Atlanta, we dug into some meat. Lots and lots of meat. Continue reading “Casa Vieja, Doraville GA”