Buddy’s Bar-B-Q, Athens TN

I’ve always felt that we should have a story about the Buddy’s chain here at our blog. It’s a very successful one, with a dozen stores around Knoxville. But whenever we’re in that city, there have been other priorities. Fortunately, there’s one outpost about halfway between Knoxville and us, and we had some shopping to do around lunchtime. Continue reading “Buddy’s Bar-B-Q, Athens TN”


Bradley’s BBQ, Sweetwater TN

When I learned that I’d be making a second out-of-state trip in two weeks, I was really pleased. I realized a little more than a year ago that my dream job would be driving around the country and eating. If I could get out of town with some family or friends three times a month, I’d do it. The problem – and I use that world loosely – is finding the new things that would make this adventure perpetually thrilling. Over the year or so that Marie and I have been doing this blog, we’ve been eating at known favorites less and less in favor of trying new places. There are one or two big favorites of ours in Atlanta that we haven’t revisited all year. Continue reading “Bradley’s BBQ, Sweetwater TN”