Batavia, Doraville GA

As if Tempo Doeloe, nearby on Buford Highway, wasn’t overlooked enough in this fool hobby of ours, there’s another Indonesian restaurant that is also not getting much in the way of blogger attention. Batavia is also a combination grocery store and restaurant. It’s located on Shallowford in the same decrepit but extremely busy shopping center as the very good Colombian restaurant Casa Vieja. Batavia has a fenced-in patio section, which was perfect for our overstimulated toddler to run laps. There were at least eight kids at the late-night bakery and taqueria next door. Both before the meal and once he’d had enough of the indoors and wanted to run around outside some more, the toddler squealed and giggled his hellos at all the other kids playing out there. What a vibrant and wonderful place. Continue reading “Batavia, Doraville GA”


Tempo Doeloe, Doraville GA

Well, here was an eye-opener. Of all the cuisines from around the world that we have sampled over the last few years, we haven’t looked at Indonesian before. There are a few dishes and flavors common to both Indonesian and Malaysian cooking, and we did enjoy visiting Panang with friends earlier this year and trying Malaysian, but there are only a handful of Indonesian-only restaurants in the Atlanta area. These include Waroeng in a mall food court in Norcross, and Batavia, which has two locations in northeast Atlanta, but this time I got to visit Tempo Doeloe, which is attached to the Ariesandi family’s grocery store, Java, in the Intown Plaza shopping center, with some friends and acquaintances in a Meetup group. Continue reading “Tempo Doeloe, Doraville GA”