Del Torro’s Artisan Chocolate Sauce

(In today’s chapter, Marie writes about a new product that we were invited to sample.)

We received an invitation to try out some chocolate sauce by Wheeler del Torro, a chef based in Boston who has also worked in Philadelphia, Paris, and a host of other places. He’s been getting some recognition for his desserts and treats after a few years of making a name in pop-up restaurants and other food events, and has a vegan ice cream shop as well, which looks pretty interesting. Should I ever happen to be up in his area I’d stop by, as enjoying ice cream without a stomach ache afterward would be a delightful thing. He offered us the opportunity to try one of his jars of chocolate sauce, and it shows the craft he put into it.

Wheeler del Torro offers his chocolate sauce in several varieties, including orange, coconut, Jamaican hot chocolate base and others, but we got a generously-sized portion of the main seven-chocolate blend. It has a lovely texture, firm and spreadable out of the container but promptly melting in room temperature, which makes it really adaptable. Drizzled over ice cream, it is dense and fudgy. Heated and poured over waffles it soaks into the squares faster than a camera can click. Spread over strawberries it oozes into every cranny of the fruit. Strawberries were really the best combination. It goes exceedingly well with something just a little bit tart. It’s also surprisingly long-lasting, as you don’t need that much to get a really rich chocolatey experience, though that does assume you don’t just eat it with a spoon instead.

He explained that his inspiration for working with chocolate sauce came from a heritage in Jamaica and making “chocolate tea” with his father. Since I don’t know what his father’s recipe is, I did a Google search and found this loving description of the tea-making process, and think his must probably be not too far removed. If that looked interesting, make sure to pick up the tea base when you get your order. Here is his Etsy link.

The main question about something like chocolate sauce (besides whether it is an essential dietary component) is whether you can use a commercially prepared squeeze bottle. If your reaction to that question is to wince, you will be happy, and probably should get more than one jar to start. If you are fine with the store stuff, you should definitely place an order RIGHT NOW because your life will change, albeit part of that change will be to become slightly more expensive. My husband and I and our daughter all have different ideas of what is great chocolate. He likes milk, I like dark, and the girlchild likes standard American chocolate; all of us enjoyed it, though I liked it best. The toddler likes any kind we’ve offered so far, this included. He got some made into chocolate milk and showed his approval by how quickly it disappeared.

Overall, this is a definite Yes, and thanks to Mr. del Torro for the opportunity to try it.

(This product was provided to us without cost for the purpose of review. If you would like us to sample your product and give honest feedback, drop Grant a line at .)