Blue Bell Makes Ice Cream at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

This is Marie, contributing a tiny little article about ice cream. You see, for National Ice Cream Day, Blue Bell sent a couple of representatives to The Children’s Museum of Atlanta to show kids how to make ice cream, and to hand out samples of their Homemade Vanilla.

There is just something so summery about the taste of ice cream eaten from a wooden spoon. Some day we will run out of trees and only eat ice cream from plastic spoons any more and that will be sad. I had to go get some ice cream to write this article.

Anyway, the kids who were at the Museum for the ice cream making demo had a blast. The demonstrator and the Imaginators – the Museum’s troupe of actors – did a great job coordinating things. A whole line of kids were recruited, one for each ingredient and stage of the process. One poured in the cream, one poured in the milk, another inserted the sealed tin of ingredients into a bed of ice, etc. and then came the fun part.

Generally speaking, twenty minutes of shaking a heavy, cold, dripping object would not be considered a good qualifier for fun, but when said object is being passed from one child to the next, while the kids dance and shake to various tunes with the word “shake” in their lyrics, followed by a conga line and other amusements, it definitely got there. Those kids were having a completely wonderful time.

My boy, who normally adores ice cream with every fiber of his being, had just come from a visit to the model train event and was already overstimulated on being shown ALL THE THINGS at the Children’s Museum. I suppose that makes it reasonable, although regrettable, that he was completely uninterested in anything ice cream-related. He ate a couple of bites of his 3-oz container of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla, and condescended to declare a bite of the completed hand-shaken ice cream as “Nummy,” but preferred to run around yelling and therefore was not a part of the creation process.

Whenever we are at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta, we enjoy playing in both their regular exhibits and the traveling display in their Morph Gallery, which changes quarterly. We come to play for a few hours every six or seven weeks, and with each visit, the toddler finds a new area where he’s most happy. On this occasion, it was the Moon Sand table, where he was busy building for the better part of an hour.

This time out, the visiting exhibit in the Morph Gallery is Weebles Coast to Coast, in which the popular old toys introduce kids to fifty fun activities, one for each state. This is an enormous exhibit. Three different people told me that they wished it would become a permanent fixture, although it is probably best for kids a little older than our toddler who can comprehend the connections between the activity and the information. It’s one thing to drop hard plastic circular “peaches” down transparent slides into “baskets,” and another to understand that this represents Georgia, the Peach State. It looks like it’s a great exhibit for kids aged five to eight, so bring them down to play!

Weebles Coast to Coast was created by the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum and is appearing at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta through September 8.

Blue Bell is doing an online contest called Do Tell! starting August 1st. Here are the details:

Do Tell! is an online contest open to Blue Bell Country Club members and may be accessed at beginning August 1. The contest gives fans their chance to tell, in 500 words or fewer, why they love Blue Bell Ice Cream.

The contest is open to Blue Bell Country Club members. Anyone can register to become a member at Contestants must submit via an electronic form on our website in 500 words or fewer telling us why they love Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Entries can be submitted, one per registered Club member, August 1-31, 2013.

Eight finalists will be chosen by Blue Bell, and those top entries will be posted on September 20 – October 4, giving Country Club members the chance to choose the winner. Country Club members will be able to vote on their favorite Do Tell! entry, online only, once per day, per registered e-mail address.

The eight finalists will receive prize packets and the Grand Prize Winner will win a trip to Brenham, Texas, for a special tour of Blue Bell.

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