Photo Post 13: Holiday Trains at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

In a chapter last year, we mentioned that we had really enjoyed taking our baby to see the Holiday Trains exhibit, which appears for a week every December at The Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Of course, this mention did not do anybody any good, because our chapters are typically posted several weeks after a visit. This year, I wanted to be ready for these guys, because the North Georgia Tinplate Trackers have a really great setup that is certain to thrill your kids. It’s two trains racing around in not-very-fast speeds, with several interactive displays of wintertime fun and silliness that children can manipulate. I enjoyed the challenge of taking some cute photos of their big display.

Many of the little people, engines, lights, and other vehicles are operated by the visitors, who press buttons and watch what happens. The setup brings in a big crowd of curious, excited kids, who shuffle up and down the table pressing each button in turn. Children and adults absolutely love it.

The North Georgia Tinplate Trackers will have their Holiday Trains display up all this week, breaking it down in the late morning of Friday the 13th. Admission to The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is $12.75 plus tax, and grownups will need to bring a child with them – no children are admitted without adults, and no adults without children. Come visit and see how many Santa Clauses you can spot!

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  1. These trains are fabulous! We used to have holiday trains at the University of Tennessee, but they’ve moved on, I guess. Miss ’em. So thank for sharing these!

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