The French Market Crêperie, Knoxville TN (take two)

This is Marie, writing a take two on a restaurant we had an incredibly positive experience with the last time we visited. It’s always good to check back and make sure things are still going well. Spoiler alert – it was even better this time.

We went to the French Market, a tiny little crêpe and sandwich shop in downtown Knoxville. They seriously need to move to a larger location, as the tables inside appear to be always full, and although they do have outdoor seating, it was a tad too brisk the morning we visited to eat outside (especially since we had the toddler with us). Mind you, the space has been noted in every blogger review so far, and since our first visit was regrettably many years ago, it doesn’t seem the space will be changing any time soon.

On the last visit, I’d had a sweet crêpe so I decided to try a savory one this time. The baby got a sweet one and Grant took a plain crêpe. The server thought at first that was for the baby, and should we have an opportunity for a take three, that is what he will be getting. The Nutella crêpe the boy actually got wound up reaching up to his elbows, and his pants had to be declared a total loss. He was outgrowing them anyway. My choice was a ham and cheese crêpe, stuffed thick with lots of layers and nicely melty. We also got a couple of croissants, which were excellent, though not quite as flaky as last time. I also chose a hot tea, Harney & Sons Cherry Blossom which I’d never had before. It was good enough to go back and get a whole box. The baby agreed; I’m working on making him a tea aficionado, and made sure he got some sips once it was cool enough to share, and was happy to see that he partook with enthusiasm.

The French Market’s owners, the Tates, are not French themselves, but according to the background stories posted on the walls from prior interviews, fell in love with the country and the crêpe while living in France for a while. We did not have an opportunity to converse this morning since the place was non-stop busy the whole time we were there (I was quite impressed with the serenity and efficiency of the service).

The dishes I love most are the ones that are simple, tasty, and not too fussy. Quality ingredients make all the difference in those kinds of meals, and the Tates have worked hard to make sure that is all they offer. We need to come up with more excuses to come to Knoxville so I can eat here again as soon as possible. Also, if we do lunch next time I can justify getting an eclair.

You can see all the restaurants that we have visited for our blog on this map, with links back to the original blog posts. It’s a terrific resource for anybody planning a road trip through the southeast!


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    1. I am glad you enjoyed it as much as we did! If we lived in walking distance of this place I would very soon have to roll there instead.

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