Just Around the Corner, Atlanta GA (take two)

This is Marie, contributing a take-two of a place we used to visit often. (Here is the original story, from March 2010.) Grant and I have a slightly odd schedule, in that he has a half day on Fridays and I have every other Friday off. So we wind up going to lunch in Atlanta every once in a while. Back when I used to work three and a half blocks away from my husband, however, I worked a standard weekday shift with an hour for lunch, and once a week or so we’d get together and eat something I’d picked up. Just Around the Corner was easily the most convenient and delicious option.

They don’t have a wide menu, which is a good sign in a place as small as this. They specialize in burgers and phillies. You can get a fish sandwich or a bowl of fruit salad if you want, but the place is too small to have the turnover you need for those to be really excellent. Get something on a bun, with fries, and you will be happy. Grant and I stopped by with the toddler, after taking him for a challenging walk through the windy streets. Apparently he feels that air should not be moving, as he insisted on traveling with his face buried in my shoulder to protect him from the admittedly fairly brisk but otherwise not at all uncomfortable breeze.

It had been so long since I was there last that it felt like a first visit. Even so, everything was pretty much the same as it always was. The buns are lined up on the service counter, prepared with the toppings requested, while the meat is prepared by the dedicated griddle guy. He’s totally attentive to the task, which accounts for why I’ve never gotten an overcooked burger here.

The fountain is pretty small, and my son was not taken with the orange soda option, but he did approve of the fries once they cooled enough to eat. We’d intended to use the much more comfortable outside sitting area, but a boy can’t eat while inhabiting someone else’s outfit and hiding from the breeze. So inside it was. There is nowhere inside that is remotely suitable for a three year-old to sit, so he ate sitting on my lap. Therefore, he was in a perfect position to steal my burger. Oh well, I got to have more than half.

This was quite a fun revisit to our happy date lunches.

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