Majestic Diner, Atlanta GA (take two)

Recently, we’ve been visiting and revisiting some of Atlanta’s older restaurants, paying particular attention to the ones buried very deep in this blog and only given a couple of illustrations. The Majestic Diner was an obvious choice to try again. Marie and I came by a couple of Fridays ago, and, as with our recent trip to the Silver Skillet, she had a late breakfast and I had a pretty good lunch.

The Majestic opened in 1929 and has been a 24-hour destination for the city for most of that time. If you really enjoy standing in line, come here at two in the morning after Rocky Horror lets out at the Plaza. If you don’t like standing in line, come at about 11.15 on a Friday. We had the place almost to ourselves.

I’ve never been a regular here, but I used to always be surprised that they didn’t serve chili here. What better food is there for a greasy spoon diner, even a very nice and clean one like this, than a bowl of chili? Fortunately, sometime in the last five years, they added it to the menu. You can get fries with your patty melt, or, for a dollar more, you can get a great big bowl of chili with onions and cheese and sour cream. Then for supper, you can have a very light vegetarian meal after walking an additional two thousand steps.

In fact, we had a light vegetarian meal in mind. Marie and I were enjoying a Friday together in Atlanta and had earlier stopped at Rainbow Natural Foods, where she picked up some red lentils to make a slightly different batch of her curried lentils with pineapple. We talked about forthcoming meals and budgets and possible trips and there was almost nobody around. From here, we went by a couple of game and comic stores. Haven’t done that around Atlanta in an age.

Before we drove off, though, I stood in the middle of Ponce for a couple of pictures, as many others do. The building’s just so gorgeous that we can’t help ourselves.

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  1. Nice post. It’s a classic like no other. For a while, whenever we ate in Virginia Highlands, we’d stop by the Majestic for pie and coffee. Not much has changed there in the 35 years I’ve eaten there.

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