Merv’s, Chattanooga TN

I was aware that Merv’s came with a big reputation and that many called their burger one of the best in town. But then I saw the sign, proclaiming theirs the “greatest” in the state. I do love it when places talk big. Continue reading “Merv’s, Chattanooga TN”


360 Burger, Nashville TN (CLOSED)

Before we left town, we caught up with friends and enjoyed a very good dinner with them at a nice place for burgers and live music in the Antioch neighborhood. And as a bonus, there’s a tea shop just two doors down. Continue reading “360 Burger, Nashville TN (CLOSED)”

Mike’s Hole in the Wall, Chattanooga TN

Every so often, we have to schedule a restaurant visit around the reality that the owners probably don’t want us to bring along our five year-old. I waited until he was out of town before going to this no-frills dive bar for a burger and a beer. Continue reading “Mike’s Hole in the Wall, Chattanooga TN”

Scottie’s Diner, Etowah TN

In the mid-1970s, the eleven-store Scottie’s chain failed, leaving the stores independent. Today, three remain in Tennessee, and we have visited each of them. The last that we enjoyed is actually in the newest building, since they moved from their aging diner to a new place down the road with an eye on nostalgia. Continue reading “Scottie’s Diner, Etowah TN”