Banjo’s Barbecue, Commerce GA (CLOSED)

Problems That Only We Have Dept: Whenever we take a road trip, I want to come home with at least one new barbecue joint. That didn’t happen on our Christmas trip to south Georgia, and it looked like it wasn’t going to happen on our January trip to South Carolina, either. Because I did not do the requisite research, we pulled into the place that I wanted to try too late; they close at 4 pm on Saturdays. We didn’t have time to waste; we’d spent a lot longer with our Baby Mercy Break earlier in the afternoon already, so we headed to Anderson for our last South Carolina stop, as mentioned in the previous chapter. Continue reading “Banjo’s Barbecue, Commerce GA (CLOSED)”

Cabin Creek BBQ, Nicholson GA

My father, when he was still with us, was never a big fan of driving from Smyrna to Athens, but when he did come to see me when I lived there, he’d take the long way. This was when 316 only went as far as Dacula, and he hated the sprawl on the old Atlanta Highway. Everything between the mall and the dorms rubbed him the wrong way. So he sat down with a map after coming to see me once, and went home along Prince Avenue, taking GA-15 through Jefferson to the interstate. That way is ten miles longer, but it was worth it to him. Continue reading “Cabin Creek BBQ, Nicholson GA”

Big Oak Bar-B-Q, Commerce GA

Here’s a curious turn of events. Earlier this month, I intended to stop by some barbecue place, forgot what it was, and settled for something else instead. In the end, it really didn’t matter – if it’s a place that we’ve never been, then I want to visit, simple as that – but there’s the downside of being scatterbrained and having too many facts to store in your skull. The place that I had originally wanted to stop was Cabin Creek in Nicholson, but that’ll have to wait until the next time. This visit saw us stopping by Big Oak, just outside of Commerce. Continue reading “Big Oak Bar-B-Q, Commerce GA”