Rick’s Barbecue, Murfreesboro TN

So the road took us back to Tennessee for a couple of days. Marie had some time off and wanted to visit her family, and I didn’t quite have the hours accrued to take the days that she wanted, so instead, she took the baby and went south, and I took the girlchild and went north. I even did the good deed, perhaps, of ringing the girlchild’s mother and offering to let the two of ’em have a few hours together. Continue reading “Rick’s Barbecue, Murfreesboro TN”


Slick Pig Bar-B-Q, Murfreesboro TN

When it’s feasible, I like to do a little bit of advance reading about a restaurant before we visit. The best way to do that, once we’ve picked a place, is to pop by Urbanspoon and read the blogger reviews. Once in a while, though, we run into a joint that seems untouched, and I don’t really have the time or the inclination to go a-Googlin’ for blogs that don’t yet affiliate themselves with that service. Once in a while, in other words, I deprive myself of an experience that sounds really good. Continue reading “Slick Pig Bar-B-Q, Murfreesboro TN”