Taqueria del Sol, Decatur GA

Last weekend, Marie and our son took a trip back down to St. Simons Island to visit her family, and had a couple of good meals that she will tell you about presently. In their absence, my daughter and I joined David for a day of record selling – it’s like record shopping, only you come home with fewer things that you didn’t need in the first place and a little more money – and had a pretty good lunch at the Decatur location of Taqueria del Sol. I’ve been meaning to eat at one of these places for ages, and actually tried a couple of times but gave up for lack of parking, so I’m glad we finally got the chance.

We didn’t even have to stand in the line very long! This place is pretty infamous for its long line, but, as the Mendoza Line once sang, it moves quickly. Taqueria del Sol serves simple food very fast, so there’s never a long wait for your meal. I figure that’s how they know who ordered what without giving your table a number or card for the server to find you. In the time it takes you to order your food and get your water and silverware and sit down, your food’s almost finished being prepared, so the server maybe only has two or possibly three different tables which could be the destination.

I genuinely do not care at all about reporting news about which fancy restaurant is employing which big-name chef, and my eyes glaze over whenever I see such business in blogs, but in this case it is worth a mention. Taqueria del Sol’s menu was devised by a guy named Eddie Hernandez. Once upon a time, he was in charge of the food at a wonderful place called Sundown Cafe on Cheshire Bridge Road where I never ate enough. I’m happy to note that the food is very similar at the taqueria, which was devised as sort of a quickie kid sister to Sundown and eventually took it over. The table salsa – available as a separately-priced Salsa Trio on the taqueria’s menu – seems to be the same, for starters.

Mr. Hernandez never really stops experimenting, so there’s apparently always something neat to try here. Sundown Cafe was known for having wonderfully eclectic and fun specials, and this tradition carries on here. Last week, they were offering tacos with the chicken fried in a potato crust, and I found these to be very tasty. I had one of those along with a fish taco and a “Memphis” (pork and slaw, natch). The tacos are very tasty, served quickly and cost only two bucks and change each. If it wasn’t for the line, you could call it fast food, really. Skip the chips and salsa and you’ve got a fine meal for seven dollars.

Taqueria del Sol has expanded to a small chain with four locations: the one we visited in Decatur, which is across the street from Farm Burger and one of our town’s best record stores, Decatur CD, the original on Cheshire Bridge, one on Howell Mill and one on Prince Avenue in Athens. It’s certainly worth another visit soon; I have more tacos to try.

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