Googie Burger, Atlanta GA

If you’ve been reading since the beginning, you might recall that Marie and I used to enjoy having lunch together once a week. Unfortunately, her job packed up and left downtown to go outside the perimeter, but we used to try and meet up on Mondays in Centennial Olympic Park. Since she had a longer lunch than me, she would get our burgers from Just Around the Corner, and we would dig into those at the park’s dancing fountains.

Now that Marie’s job has taken her into Dunwoody, she is missing out on Googie Burger, which opened in August. It’s in the pavilion right next door to the fountains, which means that motorists can get all grouchy about having to find some parking and walk to get here. It also means that some of our fellow restaurant hobbyists can get all too-cool-for-school about Atlanta having yet another boutique burger place. I say, bring ’em on. I’m of the opinion that Atlanta’s burger “scene” is by far the best in the country, and we should encourage all these newcomer restaurants that are doing such a great job with hamburgers. It’s not like any of the better ones are visibly hurting for business.

I usually brown-bag it for lunch – not that, between leftovers of the amazing suppers that we cook and Boar’s Head deli meats, I am hurting in any way – but I wanted to give this place a try so I walked over to Googie Burger for lunch yesterday and really enjoyed it. Fortunately, I did not have a very long wait so that I could get back promptly. I’m told that the wait can get up to about half an hour between 12 and 1.

Unlike some of the city’s other hawt new burger joints, Googie has a very simple menu of just four sandwiches: classic patty with the usual fixings, a ramped-up version that adds smoked pork and bacon, a chicken sandwich, and a black bean veggie burger. I had the classic with fries and, for dessert, a peach milkshake. Googie has also embraced the “spiked shake” trend and offers some seven-dollar vodka or creme de menthe shakes that sounded tempting. My job, however, is awesomely laid back, but it’s not that laid back. I stuck with the peach shake and was very pleased to see a slice of peach buried in whipped cream. It was so good that I might have to get it again next time, instead of trying that fun-sounding PB & J shake.

The burger itself was very good. It reminded me in the best way possible of a Five Guys burger. It was really juicy and flavorful and didn’t need another topping, though I was slightly disappointed by the gigantic hunk of iceberg lettuce that they used. On the other hand, the red onions were sharp and tangy and absolutely divine. I didn’t have a long wait; just enough time to take some photos of the building. It was just cool enough yesterday for a pleasant patio meal in the shadow of the CNN Center, munching away on some peanut oil fries.

It’s a meal that I’d really love to share with Marie. What the heck can we do about downtown real estate prices to get her company to move back down here?

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