Creperie Bouchon, Asheville NC

This is Marie, providing an overview of a cute little place called Creperie Bouchon in Asheville. It’s one of the places we stopped for our recent trip to Bele Chere. Bele Chere is a great festival for eating in Asheville, as there are more good restaurants in town than you can shake the proverbial stick at.

Bouchon itself is among downtown Asheville’s most celebrated restaurants, and one that we need to visit one day. It is a French bistro, and many food bloggers report on how friendly and welcoming it is, and how delicious their meals are, and how deep their wine list is. Creperie Bouchon, their recently-born sister restaurant, is an oasis. It’s located inside a little courtyard off the main street, Lexington, with flowers and trees and ivy-coated walls. Apparently we found the place just after a major renovation. It had moved from a smaller location (very nearly street food) and added air conditioning, extra seating, and umbrellas. It was so nice to sit in a quiet place in the shade and feel like we’d stepped into a little piece of Europe. The air conditioning struggled a bit against the rather extreme heat so it was just about as cool outside as in, and the view was better. On a chilly day, though, it would be great to sit on one of the bar stools inside and watch the crepes sizzle. They have regular chairs and tables too, I just think the bar is neat. And their Dinner and a Movie night sounds like a lot of fun.

I chose the simplest crepe on the menu, a ham and swiss cheese with the cheerful name “The Paris Sidewalk.” My opinion is that for certain foods, the less fancy it is the more likely you are to sit back in your chair after the last bite with a smile. This is definitely one of those sorts of meals where, even if you are really hungry, you slow down to savor each bite.

You can see some additional pictures here at their web site but they are not quite up to date. The old location has been taken over by an Ultimate Ice Cream stand, about which, more in a chapter later this week, and the main restaurant moved back into the courtyard location. They have been there a year now.

We had planned to go to quite a few more places as we grazed our way through the festival but the trip was tragically cut short by mutual consent due to a combination of old-fogeydom and missing the baby. I am very glad this was not one of the places we skipped. We’ll need to come back, though. I want to try some of the sweet crepes, and Grant really wants a basket of the fries.

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