Jeanne’s House, Doraville GA (CLOSED)

This is Marie, contributing a visit to a Chinese place with a singularly unusual name.

Sometime a while ago, Grant started calling generic Mexican places “El-this-Los-that” and generic Chinese places “Happy-this-Golden-that” because honestly, how many Mexican or Chinese places in the suburbs have you gone to that DON”T use that pattern for their names? And if you go to the Golden China in the mall, isn’t that pretty much a guarantee of a choice between incandescent red glop versus opalescent whitish glop, over chicken or beef? Plus broccoli and carrots, of course.

Well, Grant is not fond of glop in whatever color, in the same way I am “not fond” of scrubbing the bathroom floor. He won’t pay for the girlchild to have Sweet & Sour Chicken because of the glop issue. She checked ahead of time whether that would be allowed, and since we were going to be visiting with our friends Helen and Vincent, who could be counted on to order something interesting, I said yes and achieved Cool Stepmother Status.

They didn’t have Sweet & Sour Chicken. This is not a glop place. The food is by no means fancy; however, what we got had actual flavor and the girlchild’s Orange Chicken (which did after all approach perilously close to Glop Country) had a beautiful little ring of orange slices around the meat. Somebody there cared about presentation, even if it was on a foam plate and for a group that included a loud baby dancing in circles shouting nigh-unintelligibly about the Wheels on the Bus song.

Which is, incidentally, why I was distracted enough not to ask how they got their name…unfortunately, it will take a follow-up visit to get the reasoning behind it. I would certainly not object.

We sat down and corralled the baby in a high chair that looked hand-made and put on a Sesame Street podcast for him while we waited on the food. The handmade chair was much sturdier than most of the commercially-made seats he’s been able to wobble and push around, so it would be nice if they had the carpenter who worked for them make seats for other restaurants to use. Our meals arrived quickly and very hot, and we shared our choices. The baby got a side of fried rice, which he devoured, and he took a few fistfuls of my Singapore noodles as well. Overall it was quite satisfactory and although not likely to stun anyone with innovative cooking, they clearly care about their food and that makes a big difference. Also it was quite reasonably priced.

You can see all the restaurants that we have visited for our blog on this map, with links back to the original blog posts. It’s terrific for anybody planning a road trip through the southeast!

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