Photo Post 17: Vintage Walk-Up Dairy Queen in Charlotte

Let’s say that you’re in Charlotte and are making your way from the Rock Hill area to the celebrated Bar-B-Q King. That’s precisely what we did three years ago, and we drove right past this fun old vintage Dairy Queen and didn’t notice it. Quite some time later, I saw it featured along with several other old Dairy Queens at one of my favorite sites, Chopped Onion. I was amazed and aggravated that something so neat is located within sight of a restaurant that we visited and we missed it.

I think it’s really neat how Dairy Queen hasn’t quite forced all their old stores into maintaining a single, modern look. You’ve got the new stores that look like brown cubes, and you’ve got the big red barns from the 1970s, and you’ve got oddball 1950s throwbacks like this all dotting the landscape. The only corporate change at this one has been the addition of the most recent logo, and that’s only been done in the last couple of years.

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