Rincon Latino, Doraville GA

A few weeks back, Marie and I joined Marilyn from Atlanta etc. and her son for a terrific experience with good grease on Buford Highway. Rincon Latino, a joint that specializes in Central American goodies that are just outside the usual comfort zone of traditional Tex-Mex dishes, is popular for their pupusas and sopes.

There’s good grease and there’s bad grease – well, okay, I think all our doctors would say that no, there’s really only bad grease, but never mind them. Anyway, I think that you outside the medical profession might know what I’m talking about. Sometimes you go out for a meal and it’s really greasy and so heavy that you find yourself not quite able to eat all the food that you ordered, but you don’t mind all that much. The grease was good. It did, however, mean that I was unable to finish more than one of each. These are not particularly large, but they’re so heavy. So very, very heavy.

A pupusa is a popular dish in El Salvador. It is basically a thick, soft, corn pancake filled with any number of other ingredients, typically roasted pork, beans, and cheese. And grease. A sope is not too far removed. Originating in southern Mexico, it is also a thick, soft, corn pancake, only it is topped rather than filled, usually with lettuce, cheese, some kind of meat, and a tomato.

The food is indeed tasty here, and very inexpensive, but they sure weren’t make it easy for folk to sit back and relax with some shop talk and conversation for a while. The volume on the televisions was cranked up to eleven! Mercifully, they were kind enough to turn the one nearest us down a little. Are all their guests hard of hearing or something?

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