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O4W Pizza is a new restaurant, probably not very well-known outside of town, but it has a legion of fans. It opened in the summer of 2015, and within six months, four of the writers surveyed for Eater Atlanta’s year-end list of Top Restaurant Standbys of 2015 named it. That’s a pretty incredible rate of return for something so new! The downside is that parking at the Irwin Street Market, which is home to O4W – it stands for Old Fourth Ward – and a couple of other restaurants is really tricky, so come early with two or three friends to share the Grandma’s Pie, a square, thin-crusted treat with oozing homemade Marinara sauce. You’ll see why this won so many plaudits so very quickly.

We popped in not too long ago – actually, it really was a long time ago – with our son and met our blogging buddy Marilyn, who knows a thing or ten about New Jersey pizza, ready to give this a try. But before we dug into our order, our son’s slice of meatball pie came out.

The restaurant is super-amazingly kid-friendly. They’re anticipating children being bored and restless while the Grandma’s Pie bakes – it takes around twenty minutes – and so they have a library of kids’ books to read and to color while you all wait. If you’ve got a few books collecting dust that your kids have outgrown, drop one or two here and swap out. It’s all good.

So the basic pies? Based on the slice that our boy enjoyed, they’re pretty good. This is perfectly fine neighborhood pizza. If you’re in the area, it’s probably worth a stop. But the Grandma’s? If you’re anywhere within fifty miles of this place, it’s worth a stop. Holy anna.

Marie was especially taken with her slices. This knocked everybody else out of the way and, at least for the day, this became her favorite pizza in Atlanta. Me? I’m a little harder to please, a little pickier, and a little more stubborn and stupid. I’ll probably have to return six or a dozen times to be sure. Anthony Spina: keep one warm for us, okay?

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  1. O4W Pizza subsequently opened a second location in Duluth – in the former Steverino’s space – and then announced that they would be shuttered the Irwin Street store, citing an issue with their lease. That’s not the first time this has happened at the Irwin Street Market.

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