Buttermilk Kitchen, Atlanta GA

Yet another in a long list of Atlanta restaurants that opened to wide acclaim since we started our blog without us finding the time to visit, Buttermilk Kitchen is in a little place that’s too far for a quick lunch from Marietta, where we live, and too far for a quick lunch from downtown, where I used to work, and they’re not open for dinner. On weekends, they have a breakfast-only menu, but as I rarely care for breakfast, it was, madly, not a priority to visit.

Chef Suzanne Vizethann opened the restaurant in 2012 and it’s incredibly popular. When Marie and I finally made it in for lunch one Friday in January, a few hours ahead of the light snow that we received, we were very fortunate to find the last available space in their small lot. Some of the neighboring businesses have offered space to Buttermilk Kitchen at various times and days, and these are listed on a sign as you pull in. That’s so great that the restaurant has some good neighbors, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that everybody around them is so accommodating. Park wisely!

This was the January weekend where we got a little bit of snow in Atlanta, and it turned into an impromptu Comfort Food Weekend. Marie and I went out to celebrate my new job, working from home, and I was looking forward to trying their lunch at last. Remember what I said about not really caring for breakfast? At Buttermilk Kitchen, they’re out to make you eat such fool words. I did order from the lunch menu, but everything available for breakfast sounded completely wonderful. We started with their pimento cheese appetizer, and Marie had the caramelized banana oatmeal, which she loved.

The pimento cheese comes with red pepper jelly, house-made pickles, and my one and only complaint about the dish: not nearly enough bread. I found a good use for all the cheese that I couldn’t eat with the bread, though: I spooned it out over my fries.

I had the barbecue chicken sandwich. It’s pulled, drowned in their sweet barbecue sauce, and served on a thick slice of white toast with some pretty good slaw. This was really filling. They do good work here. Overall, Marie enjoyed this a little more than I did, but I wouldn’t object to another visit at all, if we can luck into another parking place!

For supper that night, Marie made some really good chicken with Penzeys Gallena Street rub as the rain came down and the temperature dropped, but the streets didn’t ice over and she had to go to work on Saturday. The boychild and I ate lunch at home while his sister played in the snow with friends, and after the sun went down, I was still in the mood for comfort food, so we made another trip to the very good Rotisserie Shop for supper. Sunday afternoon, I still wanted chicken and mac and cheese and things, and I had just the place in mind to visit for those… More about that in the next chapter.

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  1. Late to comment, but I love this place! It’s one of the best breakfasts in all of Atlanta.

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