Photo Post 23: Sir Goony’s in Knoxville

It’s been far too long since I last ran around a mini-golf course taking some snapshots. Goony Golf was a just-this-shy-of-trademark-infringement imitation of Goofy Golf, and the name was later changed to Sir Goony’s, probably when somebody’s lawyers started clearing their throats. In late 2013, we visited the Sir Goony’s in Chattanooga, and finally made time to visit its sister location in Knoxville a couple of months ago.

The Knoxville Sir Goony’s is located just outside the city limits in the town of Farragut. In the winter, they only have the golf and go-karts open. We’d hoped that they would have a video arcade like the one in Chattanooga for the kids to spend a little money while I took pictures, but it is entirely outdoors.

The attendant was agreeable and allowed me to take some photos without any video games that we could spend money on. They didn’t even have a soda machine turned on. I appreciate his generosity in letting us make a quick visit.

I love how the Volunteer Orange tyrannosaur has a little Florida gator that he can drop on his head!

I adore these old mini-golf critters and I’m glad this place is still in business. Next time you’re in Knox County, swing by and play eighteen holes, would you?

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