Righteous ‘Que, Marietta GA

While I’m not certain quite how many barbecue restaurants in the Atlanta region are left to try, we’ve been to 53 of them since we started, and only have another five or six on the radar. Most of those that remain have already been visited by Andy of Burgers, Barbecue and Everything Else, a very good blog that covers out-of-the-way and small places like we do, although his travel radius is much larger. So I dropped Andy a line and asked whether he’d like to meet up at some place that neither of us had yet visited. We batted some ideas back and forth, and I remembered that Dustin, who writes the (sadly) mostly dormant Georgia Barbecue Hunt, had found a new place in Marietta called Righteous ‘Que at the end of July. Continue reading “Righteous ‘Que, Marietta GA”