Ed’s Bar-B-Que & Country Cooking, Phenix City AL

For the third stop on our tour, we drove on to Phenix City and found a restaurant in a very unusual place. Ed’s is a meat-and-three cafeteria surrounded by old warehouses and storage units, body shops and a marine place that sells and repairs speedboats. A building nearby has a long-broken vending machine out front that once dispensed live bait. I wouldn’t have guessed that such a good restaurant would set up in an industrial zone like this. Continue reading “Ed’s Bar-B-Que & Country Cooking, Phenix City AL”

Corner Que, Smiths Station AL (CLOSED) and Phil’s BBQ, Eufaula AL

In September, Marie and I visited a pair of barbecue restaurants in Phenix City with our friend Ric. When I wrote about those places in October, I noted some striking similarities between them. Our most recent trip to the region has shown more things in common. There’s a regional style here that warrants a little more comment than I have provided previously. Continue reading “Corner Que, Smiths Station AL (CLOSED) and Phil’s BBQ, Eufaula AL”

Mike & Ed’s Bar-B-Que and 13th Street Bar-B-Q, Phenix City AL

Phenix City, Alabama has a storied history of gangsters and organized crime and femmes fatale leading wide-eyed young recruits away from their first paycheck at Fort Benning. Well, that was the Hollywood version, anyway. It’s the town across the river from Columbus, and, honestly, it’s spent the last five or six decades just being the sleepy little smaller town and little more, but once upon a time, it really was a burg full of shysters and thugs, and things really were so bad that the G-Men had to come down in force to do something about crooks swindling the innocent wide-eyed joes who would leave base looking for anything fun to do. But, you know, that was so long ago that they were still called G-Men. The incident later made for a celebrated B-movie called The Phenix City Story, memorabilia of which can still be found in many Columbus antique stores, and a great little comic in one of Paradox Press’s Big Books. Continue reading “Mike & Ed’s Bar-B-Que and 13th Street Bar-B-Q, Phenix City AL”