Circumnavigating Alabama – Part 5

When I woke on Saturday, I surprised myself by being a little hungry. After all that I ate on Friday, I didn’t expect that, but I also knew that I’d be eating a little less on this day, and light salads for a couple of days after. I also surprised myself by sleeping as late as six, which is seven on my Eastern Standard Time clock and a couple of hours later than I normally rise. Still, I had about an hour to drive before lunch and five hours to kill, so I puttered around and played online and took a very leisurely morning. Eventually, I pulled on one of my Georgia Bulldogs T-shirts, checked out, went back to Jackson’s main street to photograph the restaurant where I was unable to eat the night previously, and wound my way down the road toward Mobile. Continue reading “Circumnavigating Alabama – Part 5”


Circumnavigating Alabama – Part 4

So, the situation as I was leaving Tuscaloosa was this: the sun had gone down, I was completely full, albeit well under budget, I’d met some great people and enjoyed some terrific scenery, but I was on a time crunch, with another 130-plus miles to go before my destination motel, and three more restaurants to visit. I was also pretty sure that I’d be getting sleepy pretty soon, before I had planned to. I had to press on through the darkness of US-43, which runs parallel to the combined routes of I-20 and I-59 in a southwest direction until reaching the town of Eutaw, at which point it drops away straight south. Eutaw is one of those towns where travelers have to pay close attention to the signs, because the road makes some surprising and abrupt left turns. It makes a long and gentle westerly curve into the downtown area and then drops south after that. I’m a pretty seasoned road tripper and it surprised and confused me more than these things usually do, anyway. Continue reading “Circumnavigating Alabama – Part 4”

Corner Que, Smiths Station AL (CLOSED) and Phil’s BBQ, Eufaula AL

In September, Marie and I visited a pair of barbecue restaurants in Phenix City with our friend Ric. When I wrote about those places in October, I noted some striking similarities between them. Our most recent trip to the region has shown more things in common. There’s a regional style here that warrants a little more comment than I have provided previously. Continue reading “Corner Que, Smiths Station AL (CLOSED) and Phil’s BBQ, Eufaula AL”

Kendall’s BBQ, Georgiana AL

I’ve said before that I’m sure other parts of the continent – Wyoming, Montana, the Yukon – have mind-deadening, desolate highways bereft of civilization, restaurants and funnybook merchants, but in the southeast, we have two humdingers of our own. I-16 between Macon and Savannah is one, and it’s pretty amazingly stultifying, but that’s like rush hour in Philadelphia compared to I-65 between Montgomery and Mobile. This highway, 169 miles of nothing, will try the patience of the most seasoned road tripper. Continue reading “Kendall’s BBQ, Georgiana AL”