Village Burger, Dunwoody GA

Sometimes, a restaurant will show up featured on the much-loved and I will have no idea why. So it is with this fairly new little place in Dunwoody, Village Burger, that opened about a year and a half ago. It is quite good and just a fantastic place to kick back and enjoy the weather and the company of a wonderful family like the one I’m lucky to have, but it’s far too new to have become a legend and it’s much more of a neighborhood hangout than a place to hunt down from miles away.

So this really did surprise me. The restaurant was featured in an article by Todd Brock over at Serious Eats on a Tuesday and was featured at the following day. It worked out that Thursday evening would be a convenient time to take the baby to visit Marie at work, about two miles away from the restaurant. Her co-workers got to play with him for a bit, and then we enjoyed some supper and waited out the traffic.

But having said that, the only real reason that we are featuring the restaurant as a chapter on this blog is our desire to feature every Georgia place that makes it onto, regardless of whether or not it meets anybody’s persnickety definition of what that term means. I really think of those places as something worth driving far out of the way to sample, and to get a sense of history from someplace that has meant a lot to its community for years and years, not months.

The burgers here are certainly very good. We got a real feeling like the staff took a lot of pride in their work, giving them lots of love and attention. The fries were as good as you can hope for, and I liked the seasoning salt and the dipping sauce.

But there’s a difference between an awesome neighborhood hangout, which this certainly is, and destination dining. If we lived in Dunwoody, we’d be regulars. We don’t, and it’s not quite as vibrant, and certainly nowhere close to being old enough, to be roadfood. How odd.

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