The Crab Trap, Saint Simons Island GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about the Crab Trap, a place in my home town of St. Simons that I’ve only visited two or three times. It may seem ridiculous to our readers (it certainly does to Grant) that I would go home to an island and then not eat any seafood, but my mother is an excellent cook and my father and I have certain habits that have gotten very comfortable. It is a little hard for me to be pried out of those well-beaten paths and into a new restaurant.

This is somewhat disappointing to my husband, and he has had an occasional opportunity to remind me that there are indeed other places on the island to eat. In fact, one of the best restaurants there was left untested for year because of that unfortunate habit, and so I made an effort to collect a new place for the blog on this visit. Thank you, Dad, for going off the short list for this trip.

On this particular occasion Dad had the whole day for me and the kids. We spent a good bit of that time at Summer Waves on Jekyll Island, completely exhausting the baby, and reconvened for dinner after a break. I was a little anxious about keeping the baby busy after checking the menu – all my portable eats had been used up over the course of the very busy day – but our waitress was extremely accommodating. She answered my questions about dairy, realized very quickly that I was concerned about allergens, and assured me that she could produce a plate of fries for the baby that would give him no trouble. The Crab Trap batters their fries, you see, so there had to be special accommodations. She did an excellent job; the little guy liked his unbattered fries and had no reaction. Hopefully she will read this article and know how much her work was appreciated, even if the plate was a bit too large for even the most enthusiastic baby to conquer. He shared a little of my flounder as well, but the boy is quite a fan of the potatoes. Not sure whether that’s the Irish or the Dutch in him. Good thing he also likes healthier foods such as avocado and green beans!

The girlchild decided to be adventurous, and got the snow crab legs. It took a bit of thought and trial-and-error before she was able to really start moving on cracking those, but she enjoyed the treat tremendously and seemed to feel a significant sense of accomplishment about conquering them. Throwing the leg bits into the hole in the table was very convenient, too. She shared a bit with me and they were tasty. I’m afraid I don’t recall what my father had, and hope he liked it. I’m also afraid my photography was terrible, and the restaurant has a decorative boat under their sign that makes it rather difficult to photograph while close up and since I didn’t feel comfortable getting a further shot while carrying the baby, I took a pass. It’s a pleasant place to eat and very child-friendly.

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