Special announcement: Hear us on “Find Dining”

If I can tear everybody away from talking about Taste of Atlanta – a major city event that, bafflingly, we completely forgot to mention in the thing what fer I’m ’bout to be talking ’bout – I wanted to let you know that about a month back, Marie and I were interviewed for the “Find Dining” podcast by Seth Resler of Mystery Meet. We got to talk about our blog’s origins, and why we do what we do, along with some talk about where to go and what to eat in the city, focusing on our recommendation, Leon’s Full Service in Decatur. I don’t know that we really did Leon’s completely proud, because we’re not as comfortable and familiar with it as we are with several other places, but we chose a place that we’d been to recently and which better fit the show’s theme than, say, the Orleagian Snowballs trailer. I hope that the good people behind Leon’s forgive us our stumbles, because they really do have a superb restaurant, and our recommendation that locals and visitors alike visit them is a genuine one. It is a great place!

We also played a lightning round, if you will, called “Out of the Frying Pan,” which apparently exists to make its participants slap their foreheads when they remember more and different ideas once they finish the phone call. In the case of the best dessert in town idea, for instance, while my love of Pie Shop is quite genuine and sincere, what I should have said was that Pie Shop is the best dessert in the city after supper. The best lunch dessert is actually a peach vanilla malt from Chapman Drugs in Hapeville.

But I got to acknowledge our debt to Calvin Trillin, and give a shout-out to all the great people at Roadfood.com, so it wasn’t a complete disaster, especially since Seth edited out all the bits where Marie and I stumbled and stuttered.

Our episode of “Find Dining” is now available, and you can listen to the podcast here, or download it from iTunes. As always, should you or any of your IM force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good luck!


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