Blue Moon Pizza, Smyrna GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about a restaurant experience where we didn’t even have dessert. Unusual, I know.

We were temporarily teenagerless and Grant wanted to treat me to dinner at a place I picked. I thought back to the non-dairy days and recalled a dinner where I had quite a lovely salad but would have much preferred a big gooey slab of cheesy pizza, and picked Blue Moon Pizza. Grant had seen that they had another branch closer to where we were than the one we had visited previously and we gave that one a go.

This is in the same shopping area as Crepe Revolution, and had the same kind of fenced in patio seating, very appropriate for corralling toddlers, and were given a seat near at least four other families with babies. A lot of people seemed to have shared our feeling that this was probably one of the last good days for outdoor eating, and the place was reasonably busy. We ordered toppings for half a pizza each from the specialty menu (in my case with one ingredient left off), settled in, piled up snacks in front of the baby, and enjoyed the afternoon. It was lovely weather for eating out, just a little cool, and the moon was up in the sky. We did have to agree that however pleasant it was to sit out, we would prefer not to live there as just while we were at dinner, two different episodes of Very Poor Parking ensued. Also, there is a construction site on the other side of the building (out of sight and hearing of the restaurant, but the boy seemed to have enjoyed looking at what little he could glimpse of the truck while we passed it).

One of the tests of a business is how they handle mistakes. Our pizza arrived with the offending topping included on my half of the pizza. We told the server and the pizza was whisked promptly away with a sincere apology. We got an extra cup of olive slices for the baby to munch on during the wait, and a replacement arrived in what had to be pretty close to minimum time. The manager checked by our table to make sure all was well – luckily the baby was in a happy mood so we were in no particular hurry, and they did a good job making us feel comfortable.

Oh, and the food was tasty, of course. We had chosen toppings outside our usual comfort zone and were pleased with them – always an added pleasure. In addition, we had no menu envy, as we both liked our choices better than the one chosen by the other. The baby strongly disapproved of his taste of Grant’s, though. I would definitely go there again as it has good food, professionally managed.

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