Gyro Gyro, Dunwoody GA

Among the sixty-eleven food blogs that I enjoy reading, there’s one with the curious name of “A Lifelong Romance…with my Whisk…”. A few months ago, she wrote about a restaurant I’d never heard about before, called simply Gyro Gyro. I looked it up on Urbanspoon and realized that it was in a part of town that I’d never seen, either. It’s on Winters Chapel Road, sort of between Dunwoody and Peachtree Industrial, north of the perimeter and south of Spalding. All these years, I’ve thought that whole area was entirely residential, but it turns out there are a few creaky old shopping centers there.

I had some of that incredibly anti-fun real world business to deal with in late December, and this put me close enough to Winters Chapel Road that I could justify a quick hop over here during my lunch break. There is another Greek place, Maximos, across the street, but I didn’t see any recommendations for that place as promising as what A Lifelong Romance had to say about Gyro Gyro, so I motored past the Dekalb Water Works to check it out.

The restaurant opened in 2010 and is serving up all the classics – beef and lamb gyros, souvlaki, falafels – along with some twinkling Southern-style takes on them, like fried chicken wraps or souvlaki smothered in barbecue sauce. I had a standary gyro in a pita wrap, with just a little bit of sauce, and enjoyed it just fine. This was a very flavorful meal and a great little distraction from the real world of anti-fun that I was enduring.

The owner, Peter Kouloumberis, was mainly in the kitchen while I lunched, and I only shared a few words with him. He feels very strongly about only buying the best meats and vegetables, and it pays off. It was a quiet lunch hour, possibly because there are not very many employers in the area who actually know that there are restaurants back here. Well, perhaps that was just me.

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