CousCous, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)

A few Sundays ago, our friend Leslie from The Food and Me invited us to join her at one of her new favorite restaurants. CousCous opened just last year, tucked back on Dutch Valley Road a few doors down from One Midtown Kitchen, and it’s been doing its business pretty quietly, flying under everybody’s radar. She and some friends had visited several times, taking advantage of some offers on Groupon or Scoutmob to sample many things on the menu.

It’s Tunisian food, principally, but several North African specialties are available and influencing each other in the kitchen. We took advantage of one of those Groupon offers to get two entrees and a small plate. After the tax and tip, we ended up saving seven or eight dollars, so I was pleased. Marie selected a brika as our small plate. This is a turnover stuffed with potatoes, parsley, eggs, tuna, and cheese. Honestly, I didn’t think much of this at all. Many of the other plates seem much more interesting. I had hoped that she’d select – well, to be honest, any of the others. They all sounded delicious, and I was especially keen to try the mechwiya and houriya (spicy tomato, red pepper, olives, and carrot puree). Ah well, we’ll get that next time.

While they offer several dishes here, our server seemed to take the most pride in their couscous feasts. If you aren’t familiar with couscous – I hadn’t had it in many years – it’s steamed semolina served with various vegetables or meats. I picked the Royal to get the best variety of meats, including both lamb sausage (merguez) and braised lamb. Marie ordered the pork confit, served with a cauliflower purée and arugula apple salad. We really enjoyed our meals and the interesting mix of flavors. By the way, the terrific lamb sausage is also available as a small plate if you’d rather try something else with your couscous, like a stew of local vegetables or seafood, so you won’t have to miss out on it.

It’s a nice place, quiet and hidden away. Urbandaddy pegs it, correctly I’d say, as a good place for a third date. Leslie always picks really well. It’s great going out to new places with her.

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