Pauley’s Crêpe Bar, Athens GA

Since many of my travels with Marie are done with the three year-old in tow, we often arrange lots of fun family activities with him in mind. On this trip to Athens, we spent a long time playing at the awesome playground at the Southeast Clarke Park, visited two friends with children, and spent an hour reading books, rearranging stuffed animals, and spinning pennies around the wishing well donation bucket at the public library. Then I figured that crêpes would be a good, friendly food for somebody his age, and we spent forty-odd minutes at Pauley’s hoping the kid didn’t fall off the high-top chairs and bust his head.

For guests without wild younguns, Pauley’s is a pleasantly nice destination for drinks and crêpes. They have a really long beer list – and a certificate available for anybody who tries one of each of them – along with a full bar, and probably don’t see very many three year-olds in the place. He was very happy with a nice side cup of fresh fruit while Marie and I each had a quite good crêpe.

Most of the savory crêpes on the menu are made with grilled chicken, but since we were just eating vegetables on this trip, we found some good alternatives anyway. The caprese crêpe is made with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and pesto. It’s a delicious little vegetarian treat. Marie, unsurprisingly, went straight for the sweets and went with a very pretty thing made with nutella, graham crackers, and chocolate sauce.

Pauley’s is on East Clayton in downtown Athens, and I’m pretty certain that this space was previously home to the local Roly Poly, the place that scandalized us twenty years ago with two dollar (!!) sodas. They are opening a second location in Atlanta in a few months, on Marietta Street at Howell Mill, near Bartaco and the relocated Figo Pasta.

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2 thoughts on “Pauley’s Crêpe Bar, Athens GA

  1. The wife and I ate here Saturday afternoon after a movie at Cine. This is now in our rotation of Athens restaurants, but I want to try a non-dessert crepe the next time we are here.

  2. This place is horrible and snobby.The portions are too small!!! The food was so so. The waitresses are snobs.

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