Daved’s Deli, Hixson TN

Several weeks ago, my son and I drove past a sign that I told Marie about when we got home. The sign read “Best Reuben on Earth.” “That sounds like a challenge,” Marie said. Continue reading “Daved’s Deli, Hixson TN”

Pal’s Sudden Service, Kingsport TN

Pal’s Sudden Service is known as a drive-thru fast food place. In fact, the small chain is the industry leader in speed, efficiency, and accuracy in its drive-thru. But before it started putting its brand together and constructing identical buildings – beautifully oddball, but identical – it opened a store in Kingsport that is nothing like the others, and that’s the one we went to visit. Continue reading “Pal’s Sudden Service, Kingsport TN”

Flatiron Deli, Chattanooga TN

In the previous chapter, I mentioned that we celebrated finding a new place in Tennessee with a celebratory dinner. The following week, we went to sign the papers and pay the deposit, and celebrated with a terrific lunch. We found the Flatiron Deli in Yelp and certainly could have walked there from where we’d parked, had we been a little more familiar with the downtown area. Instead, we burned some gas that we needn’t have. Continue reading “Flatiron Deli, Chattanooga TN”

Frankfurt Döner & Meats, Ball Ground GA

In 1993, Detley Werner and his family moved from Germany to the United States, and made their way to the small town of Ball Ground, where they opened a butcher shop that also sells sandwiches and a really huge variety of smoked sausages. I’d first heard of his shop a couple of years ago, but we hadn’t been up the I-575 corridor in quite some time and never found an opportunity to go visit. A couple of months ago, however, I got a craving to visit Amicalola Falls, near Dawsonville, a trip which would take us right by his place. Continue reading “Frankfurt Döner & Meats, Ball Ground GA”

Schroeder’s New Deli, Rome GA

Back in February, our friend David sent along notice of an interesting restaurant in Rome. The local paper did a story about how Schroeder’s New Deli was celebrating its 35th birthday with a month of rollback prices and specials. I had been wanting to go to Rome to visit the Partridge for ages, but would really prefer to make an out-of-town trip to visit at least two restaurants. Well, here was the second. Continue reading “Schroeder’s New Deli, Rome GA”