Tea and Chocolate in Athens GA

This is Marie, contributing an article that is, as is my habit, mainly about desserts. As my age increases and my waistline decides that it’s worked hard and long enough and mid-40’s is a good time to give in, these treats have to be slightly less frequent and a good deal less voluminous. Therefore it’s really important that they be superb, don’t you see! I can’t eat an entire bag of Hershey’s Kisses without serious consequences, nor do I actually particularly want to any more. Continue reading “Tea and Chocolate in Athens GA”


Mean Mug Coffeehouse and The Hot Chocolatier, Chattanooga TN

Some days, you just can’t get away from people! We had the most amusing run of luck on our Saturday in Chattanooga. After lunch, we’d gone by McKay to spend some time shopping for books and music. Across the store, I spotted my old friend Darius, whom I’d not seen in ages. Turned out he had tagged along with our friends Matt and Kelley, whom we had seen a little more recently than we’d seen Darius, to sell some of their books and CDs and things to buy more. So we caught up with our buddies for a few minutes and made our way onto our snack at Dub’s Place. Continue reading “Mean Mug Coffeehouse and The Hot Chocolatier, Chattanooga TN”

Shopping for Chocolate in Asheville

This is Marie contributing an article about chocolates from two Asheville establishments: Chocolate Fetish and French Broad Chocolate Lounge.

Readers of our blog have encountered Chocolate Fetish before, as I’ve gushed about how wonderful they are for years now. They are a family-run business whose owners, Sue and Bill Foley, have been winning prizes for their chocolate for years. The business had been around since the 80s but the Foleys purchased it in 2002. Their focus is on making their blend of chocolate (from six sources) into truffles and candies that range from chocolate covered marshmallows (a weakness of mine) through sea salt caramels (another weakness) to their much-esteemed line of truffles. We have been going there for years and love their products. In strawberry season you absolutely MUST get one of their chocolate covered strawberries. Continue reading “Shopping for Chocolate in Asheville”