Crowe’s Bar-B-Que, Madison GA

For the third time this year, Marie left town without me. This time out, it was most convenient for her work schedule to go down to Saint Simons Island to see her family at the same time as a big event at my work. On the Friday morning, however, I had several hours of free time after a short shift, and, while she and the children drove to south Georgia, I went east out I-20 to one of my favorite small towns, Madison. Continue reading “Crowe’s Bar-B-Que, Madison GA”

Ye Olde Colonial Restaurant, Madison GA (CLOSED)

Here’s a place that took me the better part of eternity to get around to visiting. I first spotted Ye Olde Colonial – and yeah, let’s go ahead and acknowledge just how silly that awful name is – about fifteen years ago, when I was living in Athens and occasionally visiting Madison every couple of months. There are some amazing antique stores in and around the town square, and I remember coveting some really neat walking sticks with silver wolf’s heads and things atop them. I’m still not completely convinced that I should not, when I hit age fifty, always go out in a very nice, old-fashioned suit and a walking cane with a silver wolf’s head. But, if we’re strictly honest, the coolest thing I found back then was my Dr. Shrinker jigsaw puzzle. Continue reading “Ye Olde Colonial Restaurant, Madison GA (CLOSED)”